Siblings use music to improve learning and expose Antiguan youth to classical artforms

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Award winning music group, the Kanneh-Mason siblings, currently touring Antigua, claims that its members have improved their learning through music.
The group, based in the United Kingdom, comprises seven brothers and sisters aged eight to 21, who play a range of classical instruments. The group is connecting with youth in Antigua by playing classical instruments at schools throughout the island.
The St. Nicholas Primary School, the St. Anthony’s Secondary School, the Antigua Grammar School, Antigua Girls’ High School and the Sunnyside Tutorial Primary School are a few of the institutions where the group has performed.
After performances, the students are able to ask the group questions. The siblings agree that this is the most exciting part for the students and also the music group’s favourite part of touring the island.
The classical instruments used in the group’s performances include the piano, violin, cello and double base.
Stuart Mason, father of the Kanneh-Mason siblings, said that the group has received a positive response from the Antiguan public and the school tour throughout Antigua has been lovely so far.
Their aim is to touch as many of the young people as possible.
“It’s been good for us to see such a positive reaction from all of the young people of Antigua,” said Braimah, the eldest son, on OBSERVER AM yesterday.
“It is rewarding after much dedication in having music lessons and performing at concerts,” mentioned Kadiatu, mother of the music group.
Braimah said that learning the piano teaches you essential life skills like time management, perseverance, dedication and listening which assists with academics.
Mariatu, the youngest sibling, said that music helps her academically by improving her concentration and practice skills.
Kadiatu explained that it takes a lot of visionary ideas to maintain the group.
Isata, the oldest sibling, shared that practicing music helps with empathy, relationship skills and gives one a sense of community.
The group agrees that this tour has been an excellent way of exposing Antiguan youth to various types of music.
Parents, Stuart and Kadiatu inspired the creation of the group through their love of music.

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