All Saints West constituency contestant wins first Miss Sunshine Pageant

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By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

Shon-Tae Smith, representing the All Saints West Constituency, rose to the top on Saturday and was crowned the winner in the inaugural Miss Sunshine Pageant at the Dean William Lake Cultural Centre.

The pageant entitled “All Things Bright and Bluetiful,” was hosted and organised by the United Progressive Party and its Youth Forum.

Smith competed against seven other young ladies before claiming the top prize of $5,000, along with other gifts.

She also won three of the five judged segments – Best Performing Talent, Formal Wear and Question and Answer.

The other seven contestants were Latanya Cameron representing St. John’s City East; Omone Brathwaite representing St. John’s Rural East; Camiecia Francis, St. John’s Rural West; Shania Samuel of All Saints East and St. Luke; Martina Lewis, St. George; Zadira Burton, St. Mary’s South; and Akiba Agard, St. Phillips North.

The young ladies competed in five segments; Promotional Speech chronicling the achievement of the opposition party during its tenure in office, Performing Talent- exhibiting their natural talent, and the traditional, Question and Answer, Swimwear and Evening Wear segments. 

Akiba Agard was adjudged winner of the Promotional Speech and Swimwear segments.

Latanya Cameron of St. Johns City East was adjudged 2nd runner-up, while Agard placed 1st.

Artistic Director for the pageant. CKhuerckh Vhann Kelte. said he was very pleased with the presentations and the performances of the ladies who were competing in a pageant for the very first time.

“They were selected based on their talent, and we had to groom them in the other aspects of the competition. It was a lot of work, but I was happy to do it, because I had a group of women who wanted to do something worthwhile,” Vhann Kelte said.

He also stated that the pageant could also be used as a stepping stone for the women, especially for those wishing to go further in the pageant field.

The newly-crowned queen was not available for an interview at press time.

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