Political Hopeful Debunk Claims Cricket Sponsorship A Publicity Move

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By Neto Baptiste 

Well-known sports enthusiast and resident within the Grays Green Community, Anderson Carty, has sought to debunk reports that his sponsorship of the successful Empire Cricket Club for the ongoing domestic cricket season, is linked to his recent decision to enter the political realm.

Carty, who recently announced that he will be throwing his hat into the political arena as an independent candidate for the next general elections, constitutionally due in 2023, said his support for the community started in 1992, long before he had any interest in politics.

“I was general secretary of what you would call the ‘Under School Social Club’ which was a club formed in the Grays Green Community under the Greenbay School. I was manager and subsequently became the first president of the Braves Basketball Club,” he said.

“I was manager of the Grays Green Bodyguard under-17 football team, I was also a member of the Grays Green Restoration Society and also secretary. I was a member of the Grays Green Theatre Group. I was education officer for the Interactive Youth Club which was a youth club within the area; so my involvement in the Grays Green Community has been well documented,” he added.

Carty, who is also sponsor of the annual Grays Green Community Football League, revealed he intends to invest more than just money in making sure that sports within the community is returned to its former glory.

“In fact, I have the intention to run for the presidency of the Empire Football Club when the next election comes up, and I have discussed with Ian Title that once I am successful, what I want to do is to combine both the cricket and the football and make it into one club, and Ian has discussed it with the guys, and they are fully on board, so this is not just about giving a handout, it is about giving a hand up; so I am going to be involved in the revival of football, cricket and all the other sports in St. John’s Rural West,” he said.

Former national and Empire football coach, Micah Samuel, voiced support for Carty, adding that the former basketball association president has what it takes to get the job done.

“They do need some management, people with management skills, people who are willing to put some funds into the effort and see if we can bring back the cricket as well as the football team. Epilus [Veron Edwards Jr.] is doing a magnificent job [as current president] so I can’t come on the radio and don’t applaud him for the job he is doing, and if he was to run again, then I don’t see that would be a problem,” Carty said.

The Anderson E. Carty Empire National Cricket Team is currently at the top of the standings in the ongoing Two Day competition being hosted by the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA).

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