All Saints Man Convicted For Impersonation

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Trevor Este, who impersonated the police and was convicted for the crime, was fined $1,000 in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court. 

He appeared before Magistrate Ngaio Emmanuel who found him guilty at trial and ordered he must pay the fine forthwith, or serve two months in prison.

The court heard that some time in January 2015, he went to the home of a man in John Hughes and pretended to be a police officer within the Sexual Offences Unit, conducting investigations into a rape case. 

He demanded money from the John Hughes resident, promising to dispose of the case so it would not reach the court. 

The man, who has never been implicated in any offence, reported the matter to the police, and Este was charged and taken before the court. He was granted bail. 

However, in February of this year, he breached his bail conditions and he was arrested and remanded to prison up until his trial ended yesterday.

The convict has since paid the fine for impersonating the police and was released from custody.


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