ABIIT awards scholarships for 2017

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In 2015 the Antigua & Barbuda International Institute of Technology (ABIIT) established a new mission, which was to transform the educational landscape within Antigua & Barbuda, and make tertiary education more accessible to all nationals. 

A survey of our local communities made it clear that a large cross section of the general population within Antigua & Barbuda was unable to fulfill their tertiary educational goals due to the lack of financial resources.  ABIIT as a strategic partner within its communities approached the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, to create the “Gift of Education” programme to assist the nationals of Antigua & Barbuda in realising their tertiary education goals.  The minister of education’s vision is to make education on all levels accessible to all nationals of Antigua & Barbuda.  The fusing of the minister’s vision with that of the Antigua & Barbuda International Institute of Technology led to the establishment of the “Gift of Education” programme.

Since the inception of the “Gift of Education” programme seven individuals have received scholarships under the programme to pursue their tertiary education goals.  On Thursday, 2 February, four more individuals were added to the list of recipients of scholarships under the programme.  Ms. Evette Henry received a full-scholarship to pursue an Associate Degree in Banking & Finance.  Mrs Rochelle Wyre received a partial scholarship to pursue an Associate Degree in Banking & Finance.    Ms Shanique Barthley and M. Henisha Roberts received scholarships for ABIIT’s Math for CXC and English for CXC courses. 

ABIIT was established in 2001 with the vision “to be the leading I.T. centric educational institution in the Caribbean region.”  The mission of the institution is “to foster academic access, scholarship and excellence as it builds a cadre of human resources with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are current and relevant for the global job market.”   The Acting

Head of ABIIT, Danelle Martin, stated that she “truly believes that education is the most valuable gift that one can give to another.”  She further stated that ABIIT will continue to strengthen the tertiary education landscape within Antigua & Barbuda, and seek to develop world-class professionals with the technical knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the global marketplace.

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