Mother still awaiting word on daughter’s death

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Exactly six months after her daughter was struck and killed by a truck during a carnival Tuesday last lap, the mother of 25-year-old Oniqua “Nikki” Phillip said she is still waiting for an update on the case from local authorities.

Dornell Phillip who is now raising her three-year-old grandson, said she last heard from the police and the country’s attorney general when she left Antigua last August.

She said ever since, she has tried unsuccessfully to get information from Antigua.

“We left Antigua August 16, or something like that, we still have not heard anything. I have made several calls to the attorney general’s office, he said he would have called me back, but nothing at all,” Phillip said.

“When we were reaching out for assistance in the initial stages, it was the same sort of response. We got nothing, nothing, nothing. Nikki’s autopsy report we heard through the news and on Facebook; no one called us to inform us of anything.”

Phillip said she was told that a special investigating team would have been dealing with the matter, and at this time all the family is seeking is information on what transpired on that fateful day when Nikki took her last breath.

The grieving mother said her family is trying really hard to cope with the entire ordeal, however, the lack of information on the case does not help the process.

More in today’s Daily Observer.


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