A distraught Hatton woman wants her daughter to return home

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A distraught Hatton woman who has not seen her teenage daughter for almost a month is pleading with the public for help in finding her.
Denise Perry says she last saw fifteen-year-old Ana Stacia Toolsie on May 22nd
Perry tells Observer Media the teen has been living in Antigua for about 10 months…but has been giving trouble so she was going to send her back to Jamaica.
The woman says she is at her wits end to find her daughter and is prepared to suffer the embarrassment of coming to the public with her troubles.

Perry says she just wants her daughter to return home and then they can decide how to move forward.

Denise Perry, the mother of fifteen-year-old Ana Stacia Toolsie.
Perry says she has reported the matter to the Grays Farm Police.

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