The Authorities are monitoring water quality at Dredge Bay

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Government officials are closely monitoring water quality and other conditions in the Dredge Bay area following a molasses foam spill earlier this week.
The Antigua Distillery has said it is responsible for the incident and is working to fully contain the spill by this weekend.
Well the Environment Ministry is saying in a press release that it will monitor the situation at Dredge Bay over the next several weeks.
According to the release, the spill is still being investigated.
The Ministry says damage to the Marine environment has been observed and recorded. Even before that Observer Media had reported about fish and other sea life turning up dead in the Dredge Bay area.
The Environment Ministry is warning that the impact of the molasses foam spill may be felt for some time.  And it says that the greatest concern is to ensure the damage does not spread beyond the present zone.
The Fisheries Division, the National Solid Waste Management Authority, the Department of Environment and the Central Board of Health are some of the agencies that are managing the recent spill.

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