Youngsters caught on camera in latest school break-in

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Two young boys who broke into the Christ the King High School Saturday evening were caught on camera, and an official from the institution is calling on them to turn themselves in to police.
Joan Underwood, chair of the school’s board, told OBSERVER media that the assailants, who appear to be approximately 15 years old, broke into a classroom and several lockers in search of valuable items.
According to her, the suspects destroyed the security cameras on-site when they realised they were there.
 “We have reported the matter to the police, and they now have the video in their possession … I am urging the culprits to turn themselves in instead of making the police search and hunt them down,” she appealed.
 This is, Underwood said, the third reported break-in at the school in little over a month. In the earlier incidents the culprits attempted to break into a classroom, and they took propane cylinders. She explained that these incidents are impacting the institution.
“We have to spend [money] on security initiatives rather than pumping it into education. That shows a sad testimony to where our society is,” the official stated.
A consequence of the latest break-in was that classes were delayed in order to allow for the investigation yesterday morning.
“Our students are resilient. I spoke personally with some of the girls and they are, of course, not pleased because they felt like their private space was violated,” Underwood revealed when asked about the students’ frame of mind after they found out about the break-in.
  She said that measures will be implemented to ensure the safety of their students and faculty.
“We asked for recommendations from the police of any vulnerability they might have identified, and measures will be put in place to rectify those vulnerabilities so that we can provide a safe environment for our girls and to comfort parents,” said the school official.
 Underwood said the public can help with solutions and the policing of this issue, especially people who live around the school.

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