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Young Chef Drowns at Mill Reef


Twenty-seven-year old Aubrey Joseph of Freetown drowned yesterday in the waters between the Mill Reef Club and nearby Smith Island.

Joseph, who was employed as a chef at the property, and two of his friends had decided to go spearfishing in the early morning hours of Friday. But after they had spent a few hours in the water, his friend and fellow diver, Trey Gore, resurfaced and grew concerned that he had not seen Joseph for some time.

When Gore eventually spotted Joseph some distance away, he noticed that the young man appeared to be having problems with his tank’s breathing apparatus. He then hurried to the visibly struggling Joseph, grabbed him and swam with him to nearby Smith Island.

Panicking, Gore began to attempt to resuscitate his friend by performing CPR. His efforts, however, were proving to be increasingly ineffective and Gore then desperately turned to the mainland to signal anyone who could see him for help.

A security guard, who was standing on the mainland beach at the Mill Reef Club eventually took notice of Gore’s frantic behavior and, upon realising the serious nature of the situation, the Mill Reef and nearby fisher boats were mobilised at approximately 9:15 am in hopes of rescuing the failing Joseph.

Unfortunately, Joseph succumbed and was pronounced dead at approximately 11 am by the medical examiner.

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