Young burn victim undergoes another surgery

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Young fire victim, David Prince continues to make progress, and with his latest surgery in the United States, the toddler is expected to have more use of his fingers.
The now two-year-old suffered burns to his hands when a deadly fire in August 2016 swept through the Jennings home that his family occupied.
 That fire resulted in the death of his mother and older brother.
Eddy Prince told OBSERVER media that surgery on Wednesday repaired the damage to his son’s left pinky finger.
“He still has a piece of steel in his pinky finger to keep it straight for the next couple of weeks. They did a graft on the right hand to release some of the tissue. For the pinky finger to move, they had to remove some of the scar tissue. He had a little pain, so he had to overnight until Thursday and he went home Friday,” Prince said.
The father said that the date of Wednesday’s surgery, that lasted two-and-a-half hours, was particularly special since the son that perished in the fire would have celebrated his fifth birthday on that date.
Prince added that not long after being released from the hospital, young David was already up and about, eating and playing.
“We continue to say thank you again to the people who have sent their prayers,” he said.
The toddler and his father will need to be in the U.S. for at least another month. A post-surgery appointment is scheduled in two weeks, and therapy is to start shortly thereafter.

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