Woman’s bail revoked after social media rant

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A “disrespectful” rant on social media led to bail being revoked for one of four women charged with wounding with intent of another woman to do grievous bodily harm.
On Friday, Shimmea Welsh, 25, of Golden Grove, Dalianne Richardson, 28, of Cooks Hill, Shanique Dwyer, 19, and Larsheka Gray, 19, of Kentish Road were each granted $4,000 bail by magistrate Ngaio Emanuel in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court.
However, almost immediately after Welsh paid the $1,500 to secure her release from police custody, surrendered her travel documents, and was told that she and her co-accused must report to the Gray’s Farm Police Station three times per week, Welsh went on a tirade on social media.
“Nobody tell me bout kip from fren cuz me and me fren dem min inna d cell ah eat and drink [expletive]” Welsh wrote, including a hug emoji. Another one of the many posts read, “[money bag] long [hug emoji],” while another post highlighted that women wanted her man but couldn’t handle him so she would be taking him back.
These taunting posts did not sit well with Magistrate Emanuel who, after learning about them and raising them with the accused, revoked the bail.
Magistrate Emanuel chided Welsh for her disrespectful comments about the court and ordered that she be immediately placed on remand. When the matter was adjourned and the Golden Grove woman realised that she would be heading through the big red gate at Her Majesty’s Prison she emitted a loud outburst of disappointment in the court.
The emotional outburst earned her a contempt of court charge that she will have to face on Monday. The contempt of court charge has a maximum penalty of six months in prison, and or a fine.
Welsh had initially been granted bail along with her three friends and instructed to report to court yesterday for allegedly attacking Denatalee Nicholson, 20, of Cedar Grove on September 26 at about 12:45 a.m.
The prosecution’s case against the four accused is that they and Nicholas were all at a birthday pool party at Royal Cove Hotel in Jennings New Extension.
Nicholson was in one of the rooms rented for the party when Gray went there asking for her boyfriend, however, when Nicholson told Gray her boyfriend was locked up in another room with another woman, Gray became upset and pushed down the birthday cake.
An argument, followed by a fight erupted between Nicholson and Gray. The 19-year-old reportedly used a champagne bottle to hit Nicholson in the head, causing a bottle to break. Gray’s co-accused joined the fight and started beating and cutting Nicholson all over the body.
The females were eventually parted and the injured woman was rushed to Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.
The virtual complainant was in court yesterday, covered in several large bandages.
The accused quartet who also needed two sureties and was instructed not to interfere with the virtual complainant is to reappear in court on January 23, 2019, when committal proceedings are expected to take place.
The brawling females are being represented by Leon Chaku Symister and Lawrence Daniel.

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