William Wallace’s lawyers issue ultimatum to First Citizens Bank over queries on TTFA accounts

Ousted TTFA president, William Wallace.
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First Citizens Bank in Trinidad and Tobago has until Monday, April 27, to say whether anyone has attempted to gain control of the accounts of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA). Should they fail to do so they will be brought before the High Courts of the twin-island republic.

The bank received this ultimatum in correspondence from attorneys representing the ousted members of the TTFA executive who are locked in a dispute over the legality of FIFA, the world governing body, appointing a normalisation committee to oversee the daily operations of the heavily indebted association.

FIFA appointed the normalisation committee in late March and William Wallace, who was duly elected president of the TTFA in November 2019, received word that efforts were made to take control of the association’s accounts on which he is a signatory.

In a letter dated, April 17, that was sent to First Citizens Bank in Port of Spain, Matthew Gayle of New City Chambers said in part: “Since the elections held in November 2019, following which Mr William Wallace was duly elected President of the TTFA and subsequent thereto added as a signatory to the accounts, there has been no further change…

“Any attempts to change the signatories on the account which may have already been made in March or April 2020 or attempts which may be made hereafter without the express approval of Mr William Wallace and/or the duly elected executives is unauthorized.”

The letter continued: “My client would like to believe that in the modern banking context which is set against a backdrop of robust due diligence, no mere letter from a body with no legal standing in Trinidad and Tobago, could usurp the due authority of the TTFA Board of Directors and/or induce the bank to breach its contract with the TTFA.

“Should it come to light that the bank has provided any confidential information to, or acted to make any changes in respect to the TTFA accounts…my clients shall without delay approach the High Court or urgent assistance in preventing or stopping any breach or unlawful interference.”

In response, lawyers representing the bank said it would require 28 days to respond since they would have to receive instructions from First Citizens Bank.

They also accused Gayle et al of sullying their reputation and threatened to take that matter to the High Court. (www.sportsmax.tv)

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