Wickham says knighthoods affair won't hurt ABLP

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Political analyst Peter Wickham says the government should learn from its experience with Anthony Bailey and be more discerning with the granting of honours.
But Wickham told OBSERVER media this morning that there is little chance the knighthoods saga will steal any votes from the Antigua and Barbuda Labour party in the next election.

Seven members of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George received honours, including Bailey.
In July, the Governor General Sir Rodney Williams told Anthony Bailey by letter that “irregularities” had been identified in the process of conferring the honours.
Wickham believes that the honours system has suffered reputational blow.

In the British media Bailey was accused of reciveing honours in exchange for his charitable work in the country.
The members of the contingent made donations of approximately EC $1.5 million to be used for various charitable works.
However, the political analyst does not foresee any international fallout from the saga.

On Saturday, former speaker of the house of representatives Gisele Isaac says the government did woefully poor due diligence, before granting Anthony Bailey his colleagues national honours.

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