Went gets overwhelming support as membership elects veteran to head bodybuilding federation

Hazel Went
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By Neto Baptiste

Former women’s bodybuilder, Haze Went, is the new president of the Antigua and Barbuda Amateur Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Federation (ABBWF).

Went emerged victorious by a vote of 43-19 over incumbent Dave Gorge when the body held elections on Saturday.

In a recent interview with Observer media, Went said she would concentrate on rowing the federation’s appeal to the business community.

“Some of the things that need to be addressed are funding, support from corporate entities in the country and letting people know that bodybuilding is a sport and that we deserve our place because with a stronger base we will have more negotiation power and we will get people on our side to support,” she said.

“Nobody wants to fund anything, they are not getting anything from, so we need to get people to know that, yes, bodybuilding is a sport to be reckoned with and if you support us we will be able to get your name out there, get your product out there and it’s a win-win. We get what we want and they get what they want,” she added. 

The new head of bodybuilding said she will also look seriously at the re-introduction of a second competition to the federation’s calendar.

“It was done in the past where we had two shows every year when I was competing in my heyday when we had the nationals and then we had a show closer to the end of the year that we called the physique and they were both well attended.

“I don’t know what would have transpired to cause them to drop the other one but yeah, I think it can happen again,” she said.

Went will be joined by Elite Pro bikini fitness athlete Kimberly Percival who was unchallenged in her bid for the vice president position. Marvette Richards was also unchallenged in her bid for a second term as secretary.

Another pro athlete, She-Rhonda Braithwaite, was elected assistant secretary by a vote of 44-17 over Sharon Henry. There was victory as well for Dwayne Edwards by a vote of 41-20 over Jonte Barnes for the position of treasurer. Josina France was unchallenged with the post of (assistant) treasurer.

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