UPP caretaker for St George to initiate legal action against PM Browne

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The office of attorney-at-law Charlesworth Table released the following press statement earlier today:

​In response to comments made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne yesterday, Friday, August 9, 2019, via social media, George Wehner has instructed attorney Charlesworth Tabor to initiate legal proceedings against Browne in his personal capacity.

Wehner categorically denies the comments made and condemns the prime minister’s action in publishing them. He is persuaded that the prime minister knew his comments to be untrue and that they were uttered in a calculated attempt to injure the reputation of Wehner and his family.

The untruthful and mischievous comments have since been widely published.

Accordingly, in an attempt to put a stop to the spread of this malicious gossip, and to punish those perpetuating the lie, Mr. Wehner’s legal representative will take immediate action on his behalf.

Wehner says he finds it ironic – and not a little contradictory – that the prime minister, who makes laws against cyber bullying, intimidation, and other such reprehensible behaviours, would himself be the chief offender in this regard, using the medium of social media to deliberately smear citizens whose support he does not enjoy.


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