‘We are bringing uptown to the ghetto’, Browne says

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne has reiterated his commitment to prioritizing the development of the “poor and vulnerable,” making mention of the recent incident in Point which left plans for the Booby Alley development project hanging in the balance.

As the representative for that area, he said, “As much as I will not relent at my own people of Point, if they continue to resist I have no choice but to offer the project to the people of Gray’s Farm. I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Browne said that as someone of similar origin, he sympathizes with people of the Gray’s Green community.

“I am a product of the ghetto and it is not a coincidence that there are so many investments – private and public sector investments – that are taking place in the ghetto, because my government is committed to the transformation of those areas,” Browne said at the handing over ceremony for the Gray’s Green Community Centre.

Browne therefore pledged his government’s full support for the continued development of the area, mentioning an urban renewal project that will be announced in due course for Gray’s Farm.

 “We have at least two other hotels; one that has already started and one that is to break ground shortly in this constituency. Again, we are bringing social and economic opportunities to the ghetto,” he said, making reference to the Royalton Luxury Resort and another hotel being built in the same vicinity.

“We want to bring relief to the people here in Perry bay who are living under very squalid circumstances. The people in the Gray’s Farm area around the big gutter area who are living in dilapidated houses,” he elaborated.

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