Water shortage to continue in Potters

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Residents of Potters Village are being advised to make effective use of receptacles and engage in water conservation practices until the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) can correct the water shortage situation that currently plagues the community.
In response to increasing reports of water shortages in Potters Village, Observer media contacted APUA’s Public Relations Coordinator Sharifa George, who said that while she could not provide an official detailed statement on the matter, the authority is aware of the issue.
According to her, the matter is simply a damaged water main and challenges with the distribution system – and the authority is assessing how to address it.
“In the Potters area specifically, we do have a broken main that’s going to affect the water distribution in that area in particular,” George said.
She added, “We are experiencing some challenges with the distribution system but we are not prepared to make an official statement on that as yet but we are aware of it.”

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