Walker reserved about news of Caribbean Strong payday

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Despite the news that funds raised during the Caribbean Strong concert nearly two years ago will be handed over to both Barbuda and Dominica some time this week, Barbuda MP Trevor Walker is in no way excited.

Last week, one of the organisers, Darwin Telemaque, told OBSERVER media that the funds will be handed over this week but Walker although happy to hear that bit of news, said he can no longer trust the words of any official.

“Well, I hope so and I heard that and I really hope that it does get turned over to the Barbuda Council… and [the] monies will be used to assist in rehabilitating stuff that needs to be rehabilitated. But again, we have a saying in Barbuda, a lot of the words coming from officials is what we call pie crust. That means the crust for a pie crumbles; it doesn’t hold together all the time.”

The concert, which was held almost two years ago at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground following the destruction of Barbuda by Hurricane Irma and Dominica by Hurricane Maria, was held as a fundraiser to help both countries but proceeds were never handed over.

Since then, many persons, including Walker, have spoken out over the late submission.

Most recently, Prime Minister Gaston Browne put the organisers on blast in order to get them to hand over the monies.

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