Volleyball Association leagues expected to spike off next

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The Antigua and Barbuda Amateur Volleyball Association (ABAVA) is expected to host its national competition and the President’s Cup late next month.
This is according to Secretary of the ABAVA Gizelle Azar who stated that the association is currently in preparation for both leagues.
“The schedule is being worked on so nothing is finalised as yet but we are looking to start sometime in late February,” said Azar.
The former national player spoke on the fact that the exact number of teams has also not yet been finalised.
“We will be meeting with the prospective teams next Wednesday to have an idea of how many teams will be entering this year. After that meeting we will have a clear understanding and get everything in order.”
Stoneville males walked away with the local title edging out Enforcers and Pytonz Alpha who finished as runners-up.
 In the female category, Paragons grabbed top honours ahead of Silver Jets and Bronze Stars.
Paragons also won first prize in the President’s Cup.
Enforcers snatched the President’s Cup title in the male section.

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