Villa fire victims appeal for help

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One week after a devastating fire ravaged through the Bryson’s Street, Villa, structure Carolyn Ambrose was occupying, the displaced woman is seeking help from the public.
Ambrose and her son Yhavie’ “Sixty” Smith, 19, were living with her spouse Darren Murphy in the
concrete structure, which was owned by Murphy’s mother, when the afternoon fire swept through the building.
The woman said the family has been left with nothing but the clothing they were wearing on April 30 and the hope that she can get the help needed to rebuild their lives.
“My daughter has taken us into her home and I am grateful. We have nothing but these clothes and we would love to get some help, so we can rebuild something that we can live in so that we can be comfortable again,” Ambrose told OBSERVER media.
The St. John’s Fire Department responded to a fire call at 3:55 p.m. and firefighters battled the blaze but the building and all that was within it was destroyed.
A two-storey wooden structure that is situated adjacent to the burnt dwelling was badly charred.
The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. However, the fire department said no electricity was being supplied to the home at the time of the blaze.
Meanwhile, Ambrose’s partner, Murphy said he just wants whatever help for his girlfriend and her son.
“I am a man, I can always get by, but, I just need them to be safe and comfortable. Whatever help that is [rendered] should do to her and Yhavie’. I’m okay, I will be good,” Murphy said.
At the time, he was still dressed in the same work uniform he was wearing while at work on the day of the fire.
Ambrose has no cellphone and is asking anyone who is willing to assist her rebuilding her life to contact her via a temporary number at 464-9148.
Her immediate needs are clothing, food and building material, or a home.

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