Vegetarian tech-savvy Antiguan marks 100th birthday

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By Machela Osagboro

A tech-savvy Antiguan centenarian celebrated his life and achievements in style at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church last Saturday in Tyrells.

A resident of Swetes, Frederick Limerick, is one senior citizen who is unafraid to embrace modern technology and uses his computer to send emails and to Skype his loved ones overseas.  

His longevity is attributed to his vegetarian diet and keeping active. His family said Limerick decided to become a vegetarian on his own volition 10 years ago, he doesn’t wear glasses and exercises every day, taking short walks to stay alert.

The birthday celebrations were attended by Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams. The Roman Catholic church venue was chosen because Limerick served as an altar boy there in the 1930s and the place is said to be of sentimental value to him.

Born on February 1st1920, Limerick was described as a true Aquarius, shy but independent, intellectual and strong-minded. He was born in Panama to an Antiguan father and a Montserratian mother but moved to Antigua at a young age.

 His great-niece Stansel Roberts told OBSERVER media that Limerick was always ahead of his time and shared that he had even built a radio in 1952.

The centenarian’s family described him as an excellent musician and commented that he can still remember his favourite music and lyrics. Limerick’s great-niece claimed that he is from a family that has longevity as he is the last of his siblings, two of which died in their 90s.

Among his life achievements, Limerick operated a small business on upper Church Street where he resided, repairing radios, clocks and watches. He was also a driver, chauffeuring priests and nuns between St Joseph’s and Our Lady of Perpetual Help churches in the early 1940s.

Limerick emigrated to England in the 1950s where he was a mechanical engineer for the Oxford City Bus Company until he retired.

While in England he continued to make waves in his community by forming a cricket team with the bus company for which he worked, of which he later became the captain.

His family says that he is a great father, grandfather and great-grandfather, who has given them a beautiful legacy.

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