Vector workers to receive almost 50 per cent increase

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This month’s strike action by vector control workers has seemingly paid off, as some of the lowest paid amongst the group of 60 to 70 are now in line to receive pay upgrades of up to 50 per cent in their weekly wages and salaries.

According to Supervisor Trevor Cranstan of the Central Board of Health’s (CBH’s) Vector Control Department, a new pay

scale was communicated to workers just yesterday – one which he called, “quite reasonable”.

Chief Health Inspector Lionel Michael told OBSERVER media that some of the lowest paid employees who received $337 weekly would be upgraded to a wage of $498 or around 48 per cent more than they had previously been earning.

Cranston added that others who also earned $337 weekly – of which they took home around $309 – would now earn a minimum of $451 or around 25 per cent more than they were earning before. He added that the payment scale observed “different grades of workers”.

“We haven’t gotten [the upgrade] as yet, but I understand that it will actually start on the first of March. Just a while ago we had a meeting with Mr Michael, where he informed all the vector control workers about the upgrade and the salaries that would be expected.

“The lowest pay will be $451, and some workers will be getting as much as $745 in terms of senior environmental health aid, so the upgrades are pretty good. Those who were getting $498 will be getting $519, and some others will be upgraded to $674,” he said.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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