UPP will support UWI opening as patriots and first advocates for a local university

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The Leadership of the United Progressive Party (UPP) reiterates the Party’s support for the establishment of The University of the West Indies’ fourth landed campus in Antigua & Barbuda.

Reminding the public that this national journey to higher education began with the UPP Administration, Political Leader Harold Lovell calls the opening of a university here “the fulfillment of the Party’s own ambition.”

 “We support the university – whether UWI or otherwise – in Antigua, but our issue is the huffing of the Five Islands Secondary School for the university,” Lovell says.

 “The question in the public domain is: ‘Does the Party believe it is better to have no university rather than a university at Five Islands?’  For me, the answer is ‘No.’”

Accordingly, the Political Leader will attend the opening ceremony of the campus to publicly demonstrate his stated support. 

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer, under whose leadership the Five Islands Secondary School was conceptualized and built, will be unable to attend the ceremonial events since he is currently under medical care.

However, Dr. Spencer fully endorses the presence of the UPP Leadership at the various ceremonies, calling it “an expression of the Party’s patriotism.” 

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