UPP launches full slate of candidates for 2019 general elections

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The opposition United Progressive Party is currently launching its full slate of candidates, who will run in the 2019 general elections.
In addressing the audience, UPP Opposition Leader, Baldwin Spencer gave words of advice to the 16 prospective leaders, on how to gain victory in the upcoming elections. 

So far, the UPP has already named:
Richard Lewis – St John’s Rural West
Trevor Young – St John’s Rural East
Dr McChesney Emanuel – St John’s Rural’s North
Kyron Simon – St John’s Rural South
Jamale Pringle – All Saints East and St Luke
Lamin Newton – All Saints West
Jonathan Joseph- St Mary’s North
Cortwright Marshal – St Mary’s South 
Chester Hughes – St Phillip South
Colin Isaac – St Peter
George Wehner – St George
Gregory Athill – St Paul 
Michael Burton – St John’s City South
Wilmoth Daniel – St John’s City West
Harold Lovell – St John’s City East
And the UPP’s only female candidate, Shawn Nicholas – St Phillip North

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