UPP demands environmental consistency

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) has pointed out that several environmental issues which have been ignored in Antigua and Barbuda are in contradiction of the objectives of today’s “Play It Out” concert.

The party is calling on the Minister of the Environment to remove the red plastic paraphernalia that was used in the March 2018 General Elections by the governing Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP).

“A drive between the Southern villages and Fig Tree Drive will reveal that, as well as plastic, many of these poles are still plastered with political posters that do nothing to enhance the environment,” the UPP stated in a press release on Friday.

The UPP also believes that the removal of the plastic streamers flying above several streets in St. John’s City is long overdue.

According to the release, it is the recognition received by the country for banning harmful plastics by the United Nations and the Government of Norway that is fueling the party to challenge the Minister for the Environment, Molwyn Joseph, and the ABLP Administration to go a step further.

The opposition party did not just stop at addressing the red party banners but went on to mention that public education in the separation of waste and proper recycling practices is also necessary, noting the recent introduction of litter bins.

It said that although it is in support of this initiative, it is also “urging the ministry to place adequately sized waste bins at all bus stops, where unsightly garbage tends to lie, uncollected, sometimes for months at a time.”

The party is also calling for attention to be placed on the contradictory and callous treatment being meted out to the Northeast Marine Management Area.

“The native flora, fauna and marine life are now under threat on account of the wanton destruction of their natural habitats by YIDA – removing protective mangroves, altering the shoreline, and threatening the fishing industry,” the UPP said in its release.

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