UPP candidate for St John’s City South makes generous donation to Fiennes Institute

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Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive Party’s (UPP) candidate for St John’s City South is wasting no time in bringing comfort to the residents of the Fiennes Institute. 

DeFreitas made a promise to his constituents, and to the nation of Antigua and Barbuda to develop a functional, caring and cohesive community in St. John’s City South, starting now, before he is elected to public office.

He appears to be standing fast to his words.

On Thursday October 21, the sole government geriatric institution was gifted with a generous donation from the St John’s City South UPP candidate.

DeFreitas’ stated hope is that the residents of the Fiennes Institute will get the much-needed supplies, equipment and assistive devices to accommodate them and help them to be comfortable.

The donation ranged from toiletries, to mobile assistance and personal care items.

All items were collected through the generous support of his well-wishers in the diaspora and at home.

DeFreitas is socially conscious and intends to foster an environment of collaboration and compassion across the community and the island of Antigua and Barbuda, starting with this donation to the Fiennes Institute.

 He also has several other social and developmental community programs already in operation.

The campaign to elect Franz deFreitas for St John’s City South has a vision to develop a well-trained, modern, functional, cohesive and innovative community.

According to him, “Our campaign understands that the basis of any community development and expansion starts at the foundation, with all its people – young, middle aged and mature – recognising that the greatest and most important resource of any community is the human capital. Our aspiration envisions a strong education system and a well-trained multi-sectoral workforce that will exceed the expectation and standards set by a reorganised business district.”

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