UHSA back peddles on senator’s mutual separation

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Recently appointed United Progressive Party (UPP) Senator Johnathan Joseph has called out the University of Health Sciences Antigua for initiating talks that led to both parties severing ties.
Joseph told OBSERVER media yesterday, that while campaigning for the March 21 general elections, it was suggested to him that he proceed to take his outstanding vacation with the understanding that upon his return he would collect his severance package.
“All I have is my name. I am not aware that I have a job to go back to on Monday. What I expect on Monday is to go and collect my severance package as was agreed on from that meeting [on March 7]. I am telling you what it is,” Joseph said.
News of Joseph’s alleged firing surfaced on Saturday on the OBSERVER radio’s Snakepit programme, with the host, Algernon “Serpent” Watts stating that a member of parliament pressured the university to take the action.
Joseph worked as the plant manager at the university for three years.
The chairman of the tertiary institution, Dr. Deborah Robinson-Akande contacted the newsroom to rebuff the allegation.
When interviewed on OBSERVER AM on Monday, Dr. Robinson-Akande said she was shocked to hear it was being said that the university fired Joseph.
In fact, the chairman said that the plant manager indicated his intention to run for public office and there was no problem with him doing so. She stated that he was supposed to return to work on Monday and there was no animosity.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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