U.S. – Brawls break out at Costco, Sam's Club amid coronavirus outbreak tensions

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(Foxnews.com) – At least two separate altercations – one at a New York City Costco, and another at a Georgia Sam’s Club – broke out this week as more people flock to big box stores to stock up on items as the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the U.S.

In footage reportedly taken on Thursday in Brooklyn, two customers got into a heated argument while standing in line. In the video, a woman can be seen angrily talking to an employee while wearing a face mask. Another customer can be heard “don’t let her touch me with that cart.”

The employee intervened, exclaiming to the arguing pair, as well to the rest of those in line, that “as human beings, we’ve got to come together at a time like this.”

The Brooklyn incident was just the most recent confrontation caught on video as tensions remain high.

Also on Thursday, though later in the evening, according to a video uploaded to Twitter, two customers are seen in an all-out brawl in front of what appears to be a refrigerated section. The violent altercation reportedly took place at a Sam’s Club in Hiram, Ga.

The video then cuts to a man being taken out on a stretcher with police officers.

According to police, the men both grabbed wine bottles and began hitting each other in the store after a previous confrontation resulting from one of the customers hitting the other customer’s cart.

However, police reportedly were quick to dispel rumors that the altercation was over water, hand sanitizer or other coronavirus-related items people have been stocking up on.

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  1. I this all this is because they going to put the prices up and all items this is only politic watch this going to happend in end of the year


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