Tyson explores business ventures in A&B

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By Latrishka Thomas

Former World Heavyweight Boxer, Mike Tyson and his team set foot on the shores of Antigua and Barbuda yesterday afternoon, and they are presently exploring opportunities for the development of his Tyson Farm and other initiatives.

During a press conference, Prime Minister Gaston Browne shared that Tyson is interested in not just developing a cannabis farm, but other projects to include entertainment, leisure and accommodation.

He also plans to introduce a marijuana conference on island slated to take place in April 2020 and every year thereafter.

“Their interest goes beyond marijuana products or hemp products; they are also looking at the whole area of entertainment and leisure and one of the most exciting projects that they will establish within the next nine months is the establishment of an annual marijuana conference here in Antigua,” Browne explained.

“It will be like the Davos of cannabis; it will take place on an annual basis and will bring stakeholders from throughout the globe for that matter right here on Antigua to discuss various opportunities within the industry. So, we are very excited about that. They are also interested in establishing a hotel accommodation property and they will be looking at a number of sites to determine suitability.”

One of Tyson’s colleagues told the media that Antigua was chosen as the spot for these endeavours because of our hospitality, beauty, location and history.

In speaking about the benefits of instituting those projects on the twin island, Tyson told the media that he believes that through this collaboration, Antigua and Barbuda would become a force to be reckoned with.

“Absolutely, I think that with your association with Tyson Ranch that it would be a far good conclusion that we accomplish that and make this a powerhouse,” he declared.

The famous boxer owns Tyson Holistic Holdings, which he created in 2016. It sells marijuana strains, edibles and merchandise.

After scouting out the possible opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda, a concrete plan will be established between Tyson and the government.

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