Two men facing charges for weed, hashish and ecstasy

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A quantity of cannabis, hashish and ecstasy were reportedly found in a shop at East Bus Station on Friday.

As a result, Sean Wynter, the owner of the shop called ‘Quartro SD Enterprise’, along with Shamar Warren, were arrested and charged for the possession of 598 grams of cannabis and 19 grams of hashish, possession with intent to transfer of the same, being concerned with the supply of the same, possession of 16 ecstasy tablets, possession with intent to transfer the ecstasy tablets, and being concerned with supplying them.

Warren is also accused of possessing another 25 grams of cannabis.

The drugs were allegedly discovered on September 3 when the police went to the shop armed with a search warrant.

There, they met Warren who reportedly indicated that he was in charge at the time.

He was therefore shown the warrant and the search was said to have been executed in his presence.

The police reportedly found several bags of what appeared to be the controlled drug cannabis, a bag with what resembled hashish, tissue with several pills that looked like the illegal drug ecstasy, a scale, and many tiny Ziplock bags.

Wynter is said to have arrived sometime during the exercise and during a search of his person the police found almost $1,200 on him.

A further $4,550 was reportedly found in another bag.

Twenty-five grams of weed was also reportedly found in Warren’s personal belongings.

The drugs and the monies were taken to the police station along with the defendants.

The weed amounted to 598 grams, which carry a street value of $5,980; the 19 grams of hashish have an estimated value of $380 and the ecstasy is said to be worth $560.

The 25 grams allegedly found in Warren’s bag valued $250.

Wynter of Cassada Gardens and Warren of Golden Grove appeared in court yesterday after being slapped with multiple charges.

Warren was unrepresented but Wynter’s lawyer asked that no pleas be taken in the matter until she receives the case file.

Magistrate Conliffe Clarke ordered disclosure and set the next hearing for November 16.

He granted bail to the duo in the sum of $15,000 with a $1,500 cash component.

The men also have to provide two Antiguan sureties, surrender their travel documents, report to a police station twice a week and remain at their current place of residence or provide three days’ notice to the police before moving.

Meanwhile, Keimoy Elvin of Greenbay Hill and Arthur James of Gray’s Farm appeared before the same magistrate charged with possession of 130 grams of cannabis and possession with intent to transfer the drugs worth $1,300 allegedly found in a shop in Gray’s Farm on Friday.

Attorney Andrew O’Kola represented the men and made an application for bail.

They were granted bail in the sum of $4,000 with a $400 cash component and similar conditions as the aforementioned duo.

O’Kola also asked that the taking of pleas be delayed until he receives the police file.

Their hearing is adjourned until November 24.

Another man, Tristan Armstrong, was fined $6,900 after he admitted to possession of 349 grams of cannabis which he said was for “personal use”.

The drugs, valued at $3,490, were found on September 5 when a search warrant was executed at his Gray’s Farm home.

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