Two assisting police investigation into throat-slashing incident

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The police have taken two people into custody for the throat-slashing incident which has left the victim, Jowayne Haueton, in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since Sunday afternoon.
Well-placed sources said one of the men is a suspect who is expected to be charged with attempted murder this week, while there is still doubt about the role played by the other detainee in the attack which took place at the Cactus Bar in lower Ottos.
According to hospital sources, one of Haueton’s main arteries and thyroid veins were severed during the attack and he is on life support. A police source said he has not been able to speak to the investigators since his hospitalisation due to the severity of the injuries to his neck.
It is alleged at around 5:15 pm, Haueton was at his uncle’s business place at Prince Charles Street when he asked two patrons to stop “playing around” on the premises because he didn’t want “any trouble” there.
One man was pushing his hands into the pocket of another and both were talking loudly, a witness told OBSERVER media.
A third man who was nearby, allegedly stepped in and attacked Haueton with a knife, the witness said. He was bleeding profusely and residents and patrons put him to sit in a chair outside the bar where they awaited the arrival of the ambulance and police. The bar was closed shortly afterwards.
The suspect and the other man in police custody fled the scene in a rental car R 3191, which is yet to be recovered. The weapon used in the attack has not been found, police said yesterday.
A video of the aftermath, showing Haueton in the chair, bleeding, has been circulating on social media since Sunday night. In the video, people recounted what occurred while police were trying to cordon off the area to preserve the scene of the crime.
Up to yesterday morning, the injured man’s blood had not been cleaned from the scene and the plastic chair remained outside the closed bar.

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