Trial continues against man accused of child sex offence

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By Makeida Antonio

[email protected]

The case against a man facing an indictment of two separate counts of a sex crime against a minor in 2018 will continue today in the High Court, with more witnesses being called to give testimony.

Yesterday, the prosecution called a District Medical Officer to provide testimony as a witness in its case against the accused who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The court was told the case came to light after the alleged young victim apparently displayed odd behaviour.

The doctor told the court that he examined the child in August 2019 and recorded findings of mild trauma to the child’s private parts and abnormal discharge. Additionally, he ordered two tests to rule out sexually transmitted diseases when it was discovered that the young girl’s hymen was not intact.

The prosecution ended its case following cross-examination of the doctor by defence attorney Cosbert Cumberbatch.

When Cumberbatch called his client to the stand to give sworn testimony, the accused denied the sex crime against the child and also denied having any frequent interaction with her. The man claimed he was shocked when he learned of the allegation against him.

Meanwhile, a High Court case involving a man accused of rape has been adjourned until April 2022.

The man failed to appear before Judge Colin Williams yesterday and must wait further to have his matter continue.

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