Transfer of voters wrap on Friday

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Friday will be the last day for electors to complete the transfer process if they intend to move from one constituency to vote in next month’s referendum to choose a final court of appeal.
The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission announced yesterday that over 500 people have not completed the process and should they fail to do so by Friday they will not be allowed to transfer again before the November 6 vote.
The Public Relations Officer of the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) Elisa Graham said that the full list of names has been published on ABEC’s website
 “There are some persons that would have started the transfer process, however, they need to complete it in order for their names to make it on the respective lists to which they are wishing to transfer to. They have to come in by October 5,” Graham said.
She said because of the number of individuals, it is unreasonable for ABEC to contact them all within the short space of time.
“Some persons have come in already, but, we are looking for those persons who would want to vote in the referendum. Most of the times people would not have the time to come in which is why we would call persons in advance to let them know to come in at their convenience, the office is opened from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. “We want persons to come in because there has to be the printing of the list,” she said.
Voters are advised that the list has been placed on ABEC’s website The link is –
Individuals are therefore encouraged to visit ABEC’s Headquarters on Queen Elizabeth Highway to complete the process before October 5.
On November 6, registered electors in Antigua and Barbuda will be asked to vote in a referendum to decide whether to remain with the Privy Council or move to the Caribbean Court of Justice as the final appellate court.

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