Top cop says his suspension is unlawful

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Wendel Robinson, the recently suspended commissioner of police, says the Police Service’s Commission has acted unlawfully in its action against him.
He states this in a letter delivered today, Friday, to the Chairman of the Commission, Kelvin John.
Attorney Richard Cheltenham is representing Commissioner Robinson, who is himself a lawyer.
In the letter to the Commission, Robinson’s legal advisor says the commission’s suspension order of April 5th, is unlawful and unsupportable.
He argues that having reviewed Police Discipline Regulations, the commission has no power to suspend the Commissioner of Police.
He also says that even if the commission had the power, it ought to have given Robinson a preliminary hearing before taking such a drastic measure.
The suspension comes with a 50 percent cut in the commissioner’s pay and his lawyer says it is therefore considered a form of punishment even though the matter has not yet been investigated.
According to the lawyer, the suspension letter does not even state “any reason or adequate reason” for the suspension and it is in violation of Robinson’s legitimate expectation.
The lawyer is calling for an immediate revocation of the suspension of Commissioner of police Wendel Robinson, and is threatening legal action if this is not done on or before April 20.
A week ago, the commission suspended the top cop amid allegations he sexually harassed three of his male subordinates and allegedly victimised one of them following a rejection of his advances.

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