Top cop suspended, again

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Mere hours after a High Court Judge dismissed his suspension, top cop Wendel Robinson has been suspended again.
The police service commission, in a letter to Robinson, advised that he’s now being suspended pending the outcome of internal disciplinary charges of discreditable conduct.
It was earlier this month, while his challenge to the legality of his suspension was pending in court, that the two charges were filed.
Earlier today, an order was made for the immediate reinstatement of suspended top cop Wendel Robinson. 
Justice Godfrey Smith had ruled that his suspension was unlawful, in effect quashing the suspension which was done by the Police Service Commission on April 5 this year.
Robinson, who filed the challenge to his suspension in May, also won legal costs.
Several police officers and supporters of the top cop are at the court celebrating his victory with him.
What this means for recent charges of discreditable conduct will be known in the near future.
Robinson was removed from his post amid complaints from three of his male colleagues who accused him of sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour.

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