Tearful day for mother and daughter as murder trial gets underway

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The grandmother on trial for allegedly murdering her granddaughter two and a half years ago, broke down in tears at the hearing this morning.
Millicent Cornwall Roberts sobbed uncontrollably while her daughter Vashti Cornwall told the jury what happened hours before she discovered her daughter Jael Thomas was killed at Millicent’s All Saints house.
Vashti, who also cried and whose voice cracked several times during her testimony, said it was Millicent’s birthday on September 21st, 2014 and she visited her and the deceased who lived together at All Saints.
She said she returned home and later got a call from her mother’s neighbour who told her that her daughter was on the street after 11 pm.
The woman said she again went to her mom’s home and they discovered that the 18 year old had indeed left the house.
She said the accused told her to return home just in case the child showed up there, so she left.
The witness said the next morning when she went to her mom’s house for her vehicle and she was handed the key by the kitchen door. She said she asked for her child and her mom told her “she in deh, mind yuh nuh step inna dat”.
She said she saw blood on the kitchen floor leading into the child’s bedroom and upon investigating she found her in bed, not breathing.
The woman said she asked her mom what happened and the response was “nothing do she, a play she a play with you.”
She said she applied CPR and after getting no response she called paramedics. Vashti said she cleaned up her daughter’s body before paramedics arrived because she had urine and blood on her, and part of her ears was bitten off.
She recalled that during this time, the accused said, “don’t call no death angel in this house” and then proceeded wiping up the blood splatter from the floor.

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