Suspected passport racket under investigation

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An investigation is underway in St. Vincent into the discovery of questionable Antigua and Barbuda passport documents.
A high-ranking official of the Royal St. Vincent and Grenadines Police Force has confirmed this for OBSERVER media, saying the probe is in the early stages.
Since yesterday, Tuesday, reports have been making the rounds on social media of a senior public official from Antigua being implicated criminally in a fraudulent passport matter in St. Vincent.
So, OBSERVER media reached out to the police force in St. Vincent.
The source there said the probe has been underway since Friday, following the seizure of documents, from a man at the airport.
The high-ranking Vincentian police officer declined to say what triggered the search that led to the discovery of the documents but he said the documents were “of a certain nature” so the Force decided to carry out an investigation.
OBSERVER media asked the official several questions including, whether the incident had been reported to the relevant authorities in Antigua and whether there was any truth to reports that the bio page of the Antigua and Barbuda passport, memory sticks and a printer were seized.
He, however, declined to answer these questions, saying only that the probe is in the early stages and more information will be forthcoming eventually because he realizes the public has an interest in the matter.
One man was reportedly nabbed at the airport in St. Vincent but the police there have reportedly questioned at least two men in connection with the probe.
And up to midday today, no one was in custody.
Observer Media has spoke with the acting commissioner of police here in Antigua, Atlee Rodney.
He said he’s aware of the reports on social media and he will reach out to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force to try to get more information on the matter.
Calls to the cell phone of Antigua and Barbuda’s acting Chief Immigration Officer, Katrina Yearwood, went unanswered.

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