Surgery should be a last resort: Flowers expected to make full recovery via natural route, says Gomes

2 sowerby flowers
National striker Ronaldo Flowers (File photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

National striker Ronaldo Flowers is responding well to rehabilitation and is expected to make a full recovery within months.

This is according to technical director, Sowerby Gomes, who said a decision was taken to avoid putting the player under the knife for a knee injury sustained earlier this year, opting for a more natural approach instead.

“Instead of going the route of operating, we had sought other experts’ opinion on it and he has been going through further rehabilitation and, so far, it’s paying off some dividends. So, he is recuperating and going through the paces of rehabilitating through another method,” he said.

Flowers sustained the injury while representing Antigua and Barbuda in the FIFA Under-23 qualifiers in Honduras after being kicked in the knee by an opposing player against the Hondurans.

Gomes said the striker has shown tremendous improvements and could be back to full action within another two months.

“He is attached to a particular physio who is taking him through all the various steps, and an operation should be the last option. If we can avoid him having to go the route of the operation, then his recovery can be close to 100 percent. So far, based on the expert opinion, the physio and the other technicians working with him, they are seeing some very good results and, based on Ronaldo’s reaction towards them, he’s feeling like he’s coming around to norm,” he said.

Flowers, who represents FC Aston Villa in the domestic league, could return to action in the latter stages of this year’s Premier Division competition.

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