Suicide suspected as child is found hanging

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Stunned family members, relatives and friends of 12-year-old Jaquez Lanier were lost for words last night as they gathered in groups sobbing over the news that he allegedly ended his life earlier in the afternoon.
Approximately 30 men, women and children wept as they hugged and tried wiping each other’s tears on the scene outside the small wooden house at Mack Pond, All Saints. Their cries grew as they watched the ambulance leave without him since he was already deceased and then again when his body was taken away in a hearse.
No one on the scene was in a frame of mind to speak with OBSERVER media during this time.
According to official police information, the child lived with a church family and attended the Seventh Day Adventist School.
Some time after 3 p.m. one of his guardians told him it was time to wrap up playing football in the yard and to read.
Not long after that the adult found him hanging in a room. The police said they are investigating the death. They said they do not suspect any foul play, while adding that an autopsy will be done to determine exactly what happened.
So far this year the police have received reports of at least four suicides.
The issue has again highlighted the need for proper counseling services for the youth as was brought to the fore after Hurricane Irma.  At this time, there are no hotline services or crisis locations that cater specifically to the youth.

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