Students to compete in first schools aerobics competition

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Students from a number of secondary schools across Antigua will compete in the first schools’ aerobics competition slated for the JSC Sports Complex today.
The event, slated to start at 2:30 pm, is the brainchild of physical education teacher and sports enthusiast, Kelesha Antoine, who said the aim is to create an environment where such activities are the norm.
“What we are trying to do is foster that whole physical activity within our students. Medical Benefits speaks about the prevention of the non-communicable diseases so the union has partnered to have this competition annually so in that way the schools themselves will prepare their participants for a yearly competition,” she said.
Antoine, who is also president of the Antigua & Barbuda Fencing Federation, explained how the competition would work.
“We are going to have 30 minutes of straight warm-ups during which no one can tap out. After the 30 minutes of warm-up participants get a break for water and so on and then the intensity goes up. When the intensity goes up and we see that the athletes and students cannot continue with the routine then we will pull them out. There will be some judges in the activity pulling out [participants] because they may not be able to continue because of breathing issues and many other issues,” she said. 
The initiative is supported by the Antigua & Barbuda Union of Teachers (ABUT) and 2nd Vice President Tessa Roberts said it falls in line with the Union’s mandate of creating well-rounded students.
“We were asked by Antoine to partner with her concerning this aerobics competition and the union is very pleased to be associated with any effort that is going to encourage physical wellness. We are well into our
mandate to develop the whole person and to also develop sports in Antigua so we are very willing to partner with Antoine in this event,” Roberts said.
Over 50 students are expected to take part in the competition. Admission to the event is free.

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