Street fair aims to give a platform to local enterprises

MP for All Saints West Michael Browne (Photo courtesy Caribbean News Service)
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By Carlena Knight

Established business owners and up and coming entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase their goods and services to the public when the All Saints West constituency hosts a pioneering street fair next month.

The inaugural October 4 event is an initiative by the All Saints West Market Place group which was conceived to raise the profile of the many businesses in and around the area. 

Parliamentary representative Michael Browne said the group was started on Facebook in January.

“This was started primarily to assist local All Saints West constituents to showcase and advertise their business and the reality is a lot of persons would have started these home businesses and they become a little bit nervous in terms of expansion and so what the Market Place does is that you are able to advertise virtually on the page,” he explained.

“It’s very convenient and easy and we make the ads for you free of cost. Since Covid, the Market Place has picked up tremendously, the traffic is so much for persons who utilise the Market Place so now we have moved to the All Saints West Market Place street fair.”

 Despite it having been created for constituents, Browne revealed that the fair is open to anyone with a legal business venture.

“We are looking forward for everybody to be able to come out. For those who want to sell, whether you are selling clothes, you’re selling food, whatever you are selling or, for instance, there are persons who are registering that are offering services.

“So, for instance, if you have a lawnmower business, that’s an opportunity for you to advertise. If you have a company that’s on the internet, this is an opportunity for you to come set up your tent or you can do it from the back of your car; we are making it as versatile as possible,” Browne said.

“You are going to see people selling from their tents, from the back of their cars, whatever they want to be able to market and sell, they will be able to do.”

He is continuing the public to come out and support the event.

“We recognise especially at this time there are a lot of small businesses that have started, many that have grown exponentially because of Covid. Many persons who would otherwise have been working in the hotel industry but have the magic touch, the magic fingers, and so we are encouraging you if you are not doing it for yourself, touch base with someone who you know already has their business in place and if they have not signed up already, encourage them to do that.”

Registration for All Saints West constituents is $30, non-constituents will pay $45 and established businesses $80. A concierge service is also available for those who would like a printed registration form and to arrange registration fee payments.

For more information or to sign up, call 464-5092, or event coordinators Kim Otto at 464-9370, Tamara Mannix at 717-2797 or Joy Mannix at 783-4236.

Registration ends on September 15.

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