“Stop being lazy and get off your chairs!” Sir Robin calls on police

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Parliamentary Representative for St. Phillip’s North, Sir Robin Yearwood, has criticised the police for failing to fully address reports of praedial larceny in Antigua and Barbuda.
On Thursday, during a debate in the Lower House on the Dog Registration and Licensing Bill 2018, Sir Robin said that the police need to become aware of what is happening in Antigua and Barbuda.
“I am saying to our police officers, you have to be more on the ball with what is going on, The police must get up off their chairs.”
Sir Robin pointed to farmers being discouraged through incidences of praedial larceny.
“When they get their crops stolen, when they get their animals stolen, it gives you a bad feeling It’s better you throw your hands in the air,” he said
Additionally,  Sir Robin said that while Prime Minister Gaston Browne has urged residents to become farmers, many people have been reluctant to do so because of increasing dog attacks on their livestock.
He elaborated that the prime minister is from town and may not be aware that people in the rural communities have already been farming but “they are turned off”.
Sir Robin Yearwood, who raises livestock, said he has experienced dog attacks against his animals and he appealed to the public to stand up to injustice and criminal activity in Antigua and Barbuda.
“The society we are building by defending wrong, it is damaging our country, damaging our families and damaging our society. I am asking all of us, Antiguans and Barbudans, stand up for what is right, condemn wrong, teach our children right from wrong,” he said.

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