State College is shut down

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Education officials yesterday shut down the Antigua State College (ASC) due to safety concerns after a student was injured on the compound when a panel from a partition in the auditorium fell on her head on Tuesday.
The ministry confirmed to the media yesterday, “with immediate effect, the college is closed to all students and non-essential staff so that an immediate assessment can commence on the facilities.”
This occurred after the teachers cancelled several classes to hold an emergency meeting at 11:30 a.m. and they demanded a meeting with the education minister, Michael Browne. That meeting was scheduled at noon yesterday.
The ministry said it could not comment any further on the matter, and the principal of the institution, Dr. Patricia Benn, declined comment until further notice.
Yesterday, some students and teachers told OBSERVER media that they were concerned for a very long time about the conditions at the college. They expressed sadness that it had to take someone being injured for the authorities to take some form of action.
One student said, “From what I know, this is not a new problem. We hope that they do come and repair the classrooms and provide us with furniture because right now, there isn’t enough furniture for all of us.”
Another suggested that an alternative location should be sought because the conditions are poor and all sections of the institution need work.
Dr. Benn declined comment on whether the students will be relocated to allow the repairs.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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