Sports Minister calls on patrons to take responsibility in maintaining gov’t facilities

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By Carlena Knight

The Minister responsible for Sports, Daryll Matthew, has openly shared his frustration over the continued acts of vandalism at the various sporting facilities across the island.

Matthew was a guest on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show when he made the comments.

“It’s not only sporting facilities but it’s a national crisis; I believe it is now. Persons seem to believe anything that is owned by government is a fair target for vandalism and I cannot understand where that mindset comes from or how good upright citizens can just allow it to continue,” he said.

Matthew shared his confusion over the fact that patrons would witness such vandalism taking place and do nothing about it. He is calling on the public to now take a serious approach in maintaining government structures.

“We see vandalism taking place and we do nothing to stop it and then we call Mr government: ‘but Mr government, look we have a problem over here, why you not fixing it, we not going to vote for you and I have five votes inside me house’. But what about the five votes you have inside your house to join with others and say, come let us protect the national assets of this country for which taxpayers’ money have to finance?” Matthew queried.

The Golden Grove and All Saints basketball courts were the latest facilities that suffered damage as the backboards at both venues were broken. Both facilities, during last year, had been refurbished before they were vandalised. 

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