Society needs to provide positive reinforcement to youth

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Society needs to provide words of encouragement to young people, especially those going through depression.
Liane Daniel expressed the view on OBSERVER AM yesterday during a discussion about a recently concluded social development conference.
The youth advocate and coordinator for the Legacy preservation, Economic and Social Development (LEAD) campaign, said that presently, young people in society are facing challenges with coping with a desire to “fit in” and being differently-abled, which can lead to depression.
“There are some challenges facing society today. Some [young people] have depression a lot. We isolated ourselves sometimes; we just do not want to be around people and then it leads to what we had last year: a series of suicides,” she said.
Daniel also expressed her belief that society, especially the elderly in the community, should provide support for the youth.
“We need a village, our older folks to encourage us,” she said, adding that “[positive reinforcement] is what basically we are lacking in our homes. We need positive reassurance.”
The next event for the LEAD campaign will be a forum on the criminal justice reform on July 4 where local policy makers, recently incarcerated individuals and their families will be invited to provide input on the topic.

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