Sir Richie: Politics probably not for me

Sir Richie Richardson
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By Neto Baptiste

Admitting he had been asked on more than one occasion, to “get into politics”, former West Indies captain and batsman, Sir Richie Richardson, said he turned down the offers, adding he may not be “cut out to be a politician”.

The Antiguan, who scored 5,949 runs at an average of 44.4 in 86 Tests, said politics is a bit too divisive for his liking.

“I’ve had so many invitations to get involved and I did think about it once, but I am not sure I am cut out to be a politician. I am still young; I still have time so I don’t know if, maybe, some time in the future but to me and how I see it today, I think it divides us too much. I see myself as an Antiguan who represents all Antiguans just like when I played for the West Indies and even now, whatever I do, I think of Antigua, I think of everybody,” he said.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show at the time, Sir Richie clarified he has nothing personal against politicians and or political parties and from time to time, may even enjoy a little political banter with friends.

He, however, maintained that the practice of supporting a party or politician even when wrong only because of one’s political alliance is troubling.

“I have nothing against political parties and people being part of political parties but when you allow the politics to take precedence to what is important to Antigua and Barbuda, then I have a problem with that, but you can be involved with your politics, be part of any political party. You can have your political views, play the games a politician plays, you can have the bantering and all those sort of things, but it irks me when our people become divided on issues pertaining to all of us that is good for all of us and all because we are affiliated to a particular political party,” he said. In 224 One Day International (ODI) matches, Sir Richie amassed 6,248 runs at an average of 33.4 and a highest score of 122.

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