Sir Lester recovering from leg amputation

Sir Lester Bird (Photo courtesy MNI Alive)
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Doctors at a private medical facility are overseeing the recovery of National Hero and Emeritus leader, former prime minister Sir Lester Bird.

On Tuesday, Sir Lester underwent surgery to have his lower leg amputated as a result ofcomplications from diabetes. His daughter Donyelle Bird told Observer that her father had been hospitalised at the Medical Surgical Associates Centre in St John’s and explained that the former PM has suffered a toe infection which had progressed.

Bird said after a follow up procedure and several consultations with her father, his family and his doctors, they decided to urgently amputate his lower leg.

According to his daughter, the family is satisfied with the results of the surgery so far, as Sir Lester continues on the road to recovery.

She added that he has been in good spirits for the most part and remains positive, calm and resolved.

She has asked that Sir Lester be remembered in the thoughts and prayers of his supporters.

The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda is expected to give an update on the health of Sir Lester this morning.

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