Several Schools to Participate in African Culture and Heritage Expo 

africa school expo jamaica
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Antigua and Barbuda Reparations Support Commission Proudly Presents Educational Event

The Antigua Barbuda Reparations Support Commission is thrilled to announce the African Culture and Heritage Exposition set to take place on Friday, September 29th, 2023, in various schools across Antigua. This second annual exposition is a vital component of the Commission’s Africa-CARICOM Day celebration activities, which commenced on September 7th.

According to Ambassador Dorbrene O’Marde, Chairman of the ABRSC, “This initiative encourages our schools to develop activities focused on African culture and heritage, providing our children and young people with meaningful knowledge about the African continent. The program, initially piloted in Jamaica, is part of a regional effort to dispel misconceptions and misinformation that many of our people hold about Africa.”

During the exposition, participating schools will stage ceremonies dedicated to celebrating selected countries such as Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, or Ethiopia. The emphasis will be on aspects such as location, capital, population, national and official language(s), political leadership, cuisine, music, cultural expressions, national flag, motto, and anthem.

The exposition follows a series of activities held throughout September to celebrate the regional day of recognition. On September 7th, the Commission hosted a compelling panel discussion titled “YOUTH AND REPARATIONS,” featuring renowned poet and reparations advocate Ms. Cyndi Celeste from Barbados, alongside Mr. Kamalie Mannix, President of the National Youth Parliament Association and History Teacher, CARICOM Youth Ambassador Mr. Esquire Henry, and moderated by Mr. Regis Burton.

Following the panel discussion, the ABRSC hosted an engaging evening of Creative Activism, where a collective of poets, artists, and musicians illuminated the power of creative arts as a tool for positive change.

As part of the annual Africa-CARICOM Day celebrations, the ABRSC also presented the debut of “Creative Voices,” an evening dedicated to poetry, spoken word, songs, and jazz music, featuring celebrated artists performing for a captivated audience.

The inaugural Africa/CARICOM Summit held on September 7th, 2021, resulted in a historic decision to institutionalize collaboration between Africa, CARICOM, and the diaspora. This was accomplished through the establishment of Africa-CARICOM Day on September 7th each year, the creation of a dedicated Secretariat/Structure, and the organization of annual Africa-CARICOM Summits.

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