Several men busted with drugs in separate incidents

Detailed picture of a marijuana plant
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By Latrishka Thomas

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Four men found themselves in hot water on Friday when police executed search warrants at their homes in unrelated incidents.

All four appeared before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke yesterday where they admitted to drug charges and were sentenced.

The first, Leon Joseph of Five Islands, was charged with cultivating five cannabis plants and being in possession of four pounds and five ounces of cured cannabis. 

Police executed a search warrant at his home Friday afternoon and found the bushy-like substance on the ground of his property, and also hanging on lines to dry.

Five cannabis plants were also found growing in his backyard. The plants were collectively valued at $100 while the cured weed was said to be worth $8,625.

Joseph pleaded guilty to the two charges and was fined $17,000. He was ordered to pay $1,700 by April 9 and the balance by the end of June or he will spend nine months in jail.

Robert Henry, of Grays Farm, was also convicted of a drug charge; the possession of 14 cannabis plants. They were found growing in several containers in his backyard. Henry was not home at the time but the search was conducted in the presence of his niece.

The plants were uprooted and taken into custody and later that day Henry was picked up by police and informed of the search. He accepted ownership of the plants and was arrested and charged.

He told the court, “I have asthma…and the same time I got fish poison and it help me with the fish poison as well.”

Nevertheless, he was fined $800, twice the value of the plants. He has until April 6 to pay or he will spend six months behind bars.

Joseph Bonnick was also sentenced to pay a fine double the amount of the drugs found on his person.

On Friday, officers were on their way to Bonnick’s Radio Range home when they intercepted him driving in the area.

The officers asked to search him and he obliged. They found a transparent plastic bag with weed in one of his front pockets and two others in his car.

The drugs weighed 84 grams and are worth $840. He was fined $1,700. 

Lastly, Clayton Ferguson, of Ford Road, owes the court $400 for the 20 grams of weed found in his home.

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